Employee Screening Services

Concept Of Employee Screening Services

Employment Background Screening is the process of thorough verification of the Educational & Professional Qualifications and Employment history of applicant and conducting a search of appropriate public records in order to ascertain any information which is relevant to his/her application. The results of the process are fully documented in a standardized, easy to read report

Birth Of Employee Screening Services In India

The concept of background screening was introduced in India about 12 years back. This was triggered by the changed security environment post the 9/11 (Sept. 2001) attacks in the USA. With a number of Fortune 1000 companies initiating business in India — either through setting up their own offices or outsourced work to India, it was expected that their India based entities/partners (mainly IT and BPO/ITES companies) followed processes that were integral to their recruitment policies.
The concept of background screening is now no more limited to just IT, ITeS or the BFSI segments. Growing number of organizations in the manufacturing, petroleum, hospitality, health care, retail, travel, telecom, educational institutions and entertainment industries are adopting background screening practice. It is becoming a part of the standard outsourcing contract and therefore Indian companies continue to proactively adopt it as part of their business process.
The background screening process involves carrying out different kinds of checks given below. Any misrepresentation in the above checks is reported as discrepancy. Discrepancy rate is the percentage of misrepresentations/fraudulent/adverse information that the comprehensive Background Screening procedure uncovers during the verification process.

Major Scope of Services Includes:-
  • • Employment Credentials Check
  • • Educational Qualification Check
  • • Residential Address Check
  • • Neighbor’s Reference Check
  • • Criminal Police Record Check
  • • Criminal Database Check
  • • Professional Reference Check
  • • Documents Check (PAN Card, Passport, DL, Voter ID etc.,)

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